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Best Kind of Iranian Saffron For Export

Super Negin saffron

Negin Saffron

Poushal Saffron

sargol saffron

the super negin is a first class saffron , itis hard to find and itis a first flower of each saffron per year , so the best kind of saffron is SUPER NEGIN.

negin saffron is usally grow 3 or 4 day after first flower , also it depend to the weater in that day , so we can say the negin saffron is normal saffron .

poushal saffron is end of saffron, itis mean when  saffron grow for about 10 day , first 3 day is super negin , secend 3 day is negin and after that  is poushal

and about sargol every thing is deffrnt , sargol can be refind fron negin or poushal or super negin , it depend to the  coustommer order

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NONA saffron, like many large industrial producers in the world, has goals such as customer satisfaction,quality improvement, quantity increase and price reduction on its agenda, and according to the current situation in the country and in line with the development goals of our beloved country Iran. It has also planned to create jobs and export products to other countries, and intends to create a bright future for the collection under its management by acquiring the latest knowledge and technology in the world and providing the desired quality of products.We firmly believe and commit ourselves to strive with all our might to achieve the predetermined goals and offer products that meet international standards, while estimating the needs of domestic and foreign markets in terms of quantity and quality.